• What do I do if I think I have a claim?
    Call, email or start a claim online through this website. Either way, just be sure to contact us before you make the repairs and get an authorization from us. We’ll help make sure your issue is resolved.
  • Why must I get authorization before having the repair done?
    You need to contact Safety Net Warranty first. In this way we can insure your out-of-pocket expenses are minimized. Without prior authorization, you would be responsible for the full cost of repair, even for costs associated with components listed in the Vehicle Service Contract you chose. If repair work is complete before our Authorization, your claim will be denied.
  • Can I use my regular mechanic?
    Yes, we’ll be glad to work with them. If you don’t have a regular licensed mechanic, we can refer one to you. In some instances as Safety Net Warranty sees fit, we will have your vehicle repaired at a licensed repair facility of our choosing.
  • What if something breaks when I’m out of town?
    You are protected everywhere in the continental U.S. Our Vehicle Service Contracts are accepted everywhere. We act like your wallet and pay for the covered component repair as if payment was coming from you. You are responsible for the deductible, difference in the labor rate chosen, and uncovered component cost, if any.
  • How does the claim get paid?
    Once the authorized repairs are complete, Safety Net Warranty will pay the repair facility directly by check or credit card for the full amount agreed upon.
  • Can I pay for the repair and get reimbursed from Safety Net Warranty afterward?
    No. In order to have your claim paid by us, the licensed repair facility would have to handle the payment from our Claims Department.
  • Am I eligible for substitute transportation while my vehicle is in for repairs?
    You may be eligible for rental car reimbursement (to be paid by us through your claim). Please refer to your chosen options on your Vehicle Service Contract to detail how this amount would be calculated.
  • Who is responsible to pay if I do the repair on my own?
    Though you may be handy and be able to do certain repairs on your own, only a licensed repair facility can complete any work covered under your Vehicle Service Contract and authorized by us.
  • Can my friend (who is licensed) but does work on the side for me get paid directly for a warranty claim?
    Though we encourage saving money on maintenance and repairs, only a licensed repair facility can complete any work covered under your Vehicle Service Contract and authorized by us.
  • What is a Disappearing Deductible?
    If you chose a  disappearing deductible as an option on the Vehicle Service Contract, it means that if you take your vehicle back to the purchasing dealer for repairs, you’d have a ZERO deductible for covered repairs. However if you take your vehicle to another licensed repair facility for repairs, you (the customer) would be responsible for your agreed upon deductible (as per your Vehicle Service Contract).
  • I chose a $90/hour labor rate on my agreement, but the repair facility I chose charges more that that. How is the difference calculated and who pays for it?
    A labor rate chosen by you on the Vehicle Service Contract determines how much Safety Net Warranty will pay for labor for  a covered repair. If the licensed repair facility charges more than that per hour, you (the customer) is responsible for the difference.
  • The dealer who sold me the car promised me that things would be covered under warranty if they broke while I owned the car. Id like to have everything promised to me repaired.
    We’d like to have have your car running for you for the entire time you own it, however Safety Net Warranty is only responsible for components as per the Vehicle Service Contract you signed at the time of purchase (including time and mileage limits). Please refer to your Vehicle Service Contract for the covered component checklist. If there is an issue for something not on the list of covered components, please ask your selling dealer who is responsible for the costs. It is not the the responsibility of Safety Net Warranty to cover costs on components not listed in the Agreement.
  • My vehicle is past the time limit or over the limit on miles chosen by me on the Vehicle Service Contract and an issue arose, who is responsible for it?
    The Vehicle Service Contract will outline the time frame and mileage limit that Safety Net Warranty will be responsible for claims against covered components. Anything beyond those limits are your (the customer’s) sole responsibility.
  • My vehicle is past the time limit or over the limit on miles chosen by me on the Vehicle Service Contract, can I extend the agreement for another set of time or mileage?
    You can certainly purchase another Vehicle Service Contract through your selling dealer as long as they fill out the Certified Inspection Sheet stating that they inspected the vehicle and it is eligible for another term (time and mileage) and Safety Net Warranty will accept another term agreement protecting your vehicle for the chosen term.
  • I sold my vehicle to another person, is the new owner covered under the terms and conditions I originally agreed to?
    As long as you filled in the transfer request and followed the procedures (including the fee), then the next owner can benefit from the coverage you agreed to in the original Vehicle Service Contract upon your purchase. Lifetime Vehicle Service Contracts are NEVER transferable.
  • Will the next owner (after I transfer ownership) be eligible for a refund if any is due?
    No. Only the original purchaser is eligible for a refund due if the Vehicle Service Contract is cancelled during the term (see contract details for terms).
  • Can I add coverage (like ABS option) after the Vehicle Service Contract is written and accepted by Safety Net Warranty?
    No. Unfortunately, once the Vehicle Service Contract is accepted by Safety Net Warranty, the Agreement becomes binding to the terms accepted and paid for at the time of sale.
  • Can I transfer a Lifetime Vehicle Service Contract ?
    No. Lifetime Vehicle Service Contracts are the only Agreements from Safety Net Warranty that are not transferable. All other Vehicle Service Contracts are transferable.
  • Is Safety Net Warranty Insured?
    Yes! Every extended service plan offered by Safety Net Warranty is fully insured by UMA Protection Inc. UMA Protection Inc. can be reached at 1-800-401-7122.
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